Reignite the Passion Webinar Oct 15th 2022 11am to 2pm EST

Join in this free interactive webinar that will reignite the flame of passion in your marriage

Session 1. First Love

  • “Are you feeling exhausted after years of marriage and raising a family? Get ready to re-discover the love in your marriage.” Meng Kong and Gina Tan,  2=1 Western Australia (Starting 11am Eastern Australian Standard Time)

Session 2. Stoking the fire

  • Jesus came to baptise with Holy Spirit and fire. Discover how praying in the Spirit will put zeal, passion and power in your marriage. Michael and Alison Goode, 2=1 Victoria (11:40am Eastern Australian Standard Time) 

Break Time

12:15pm to 12:45pm 

Session 3. Fanning the flames

  • Building and maintaining your intimacy Ian & Jane Watts, 2=1 Queensland (12:45pm Eastern Australian Standard Time) 

Session 4. Sparks of blessing

  • Strengthening your marriage and family through blessing.   Daniel and Natasha Rudd, 2=1 Queensland (1:25pm Eastern Australian Standard Time) 

Finish 2pm Eastern Standard Time

Each Session is 20mins teaching and 15 mins activation       

After you register (free registration) you will be sent a zoom link and passcode

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