Philippines Parents for Life


We all desire to see changes in our beloved country, the PHILIPPINES!

We look for a change in our churches and so much more in our government. But true change will only come from a change in each and every person’s heart!

The Philippines will change if we change!

TRUE CHANGE WILL COME FROM EACH AND EVERY FILIPINO HOME and it will start from a righteous relationship of the husband and his wife!

Today, more and more couples are walking in God’s great plan and destiny for their lives.  They have discovered the power that ONLY JESUS gives as we allow Him to be Lord over our lives!

2=1 DISCOVER THE POWER is a world-wide teaching ministry, equipping the Body of Christ with Bible based principles for married couples, parents, and seriously dating couples. 

2=1 has the vision of establishing powerhouse Christian homes across the nations where the peace and love of Christ manifests! A home endowed with power to tear down the works of the enemy, setting people free!  A home where one can find salvation, healing and deliverance.   A HOME THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND CREATE AN IMPACT TO THE GENERATIONS AFTER THEM!


2=1 Philippines is the combined ministries of Nova Shalom, Marriage Ministries International and the University of the Family.

For more information on what we can do for you, your church, community, or company, contact our National Team.

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