Philippines ONE for Life

In this course you won’t hear quips, phrases, or redundant advice.
You won’t stumble upon the secret recipe to eternal marital bliss.
What you will find are Biblical principles that, when applied, will help you realize your destiny.

Consider this a roadmap to marriage, with God as the navigator


Here’s what couples are saying about
“ONE For Life”

  • “far superior to any premarital material”
  • “in-your-face and relevant”
  • “powerful anointing”
  • “this is hit-home content”
  • “a great prerequisite for married life”


“ONE For Life” Course Outline

  1. Week 1… Individual Wholeness
  2. Week 2… Past Relationships
  3. Week 3… Your family portrait
  4. Week 4… Covenant relationship
  5. Week 5… Destiny together
  6. Week 6… Intimacy
  7. Week 7… Roles in marriage
  8. Week 8… Life application

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