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1. Register your group with ausbookings

First names and surname
Street Number and Name, Suburb, State and Post Code. (Note this is the address your manuals will be sent to)
Note the coaches in training section is optional at this stage and your coaches in training details can be advised closer to the course commencement date. However coaches in training must be advised at least 10 days prior to the course starting to facilitate issuing of manuals.
Responsible leadership at your meetings Risk management has been discussed extensively by the Board of 2=1 Australia (Families for Life Australia Incorporated). The board encourages all leaders to read this section carefully and implement the various recommendations! From a biblical perspective risk management equates simply to the matter of being a good steward of the property and people God has provided us with to further His work on earth. You will recall the parable of the talents: Two of the servants did well, to the best of their ability, to please the master, and were rewarded for their efforts. The third steward buried his talent, and incurred the wrath of the master. 2=1 Australia must not be in the category of the third steward when it comes to risk management. If we bury our head in the sand, thinking that nothing will ever happen to us, we will incur unnecessary risks. Leaders are encouraged to be wise when running groups in their homes. Not everyone is in the position to have public liability insurance, although this is highly recommended to minimize liability for accidents in your home. There are, however, things that can be done to minimize accidents in your homes and at information evenings. Please do the following as a matter of course: (1) Stay close to God and be prayerful about all 2=1 activities. Follow His lead and promptings as this may well avoid incidents where leaders or others are exposed to risks. (2) Many leaders use urns for hot water and it is recommended that these be placed on a bench with no leads protruding over the edge of the bench or running across the floor to a power point to make a potentially hazardous situation. (We are aware of a church that is being sued as a result of an urn being pulled on top of a child.) (3) Do not use trestle tables, as these are inherently unstable. (4) Also ensure that chairs are sturdy. (We have had instances of plastic chairs collapsing.) (5) Make sure that your front steps and/or paths are adequately lit and free from obstructions. (6) Allergic reaction is another area where leaders need to be vigilant. You need to be aware of any food allergies for the times that food is planned to be served e.g. peanuts. An increasing number of people seem to react adversely to sprays and perfumes and it is our duty of care to our guests and visitors to be aware of such things which may cause discomfort. (7) During Week One it is important to read aloud the clause in small print after the commitment that the couples sign, that indicates that 2=1 Australia is not a counseling ministry. As 2=1 Coaches we often slip into the role of counselor and we need to be alert to the responsibilities and dangers of “giving advice” especially to those who are struggling or who are vulnerable. If we are talking to or praying with a couple it is important to point out that we are not qualified counselors and that we are simply making suggestions that they may wish to follow and that we would be happy to join with them in prayer of agreement for any desired one flesh or personal changes. a. Before laying hands on people, please ask them whether this is acceptable, as some people do not like to be touched. b. If you operate in the prophetic be sure to say ”I sense the Lord is saying…” rather than “The Lord says…” c. If you feel it necessary, do not hesitate to refer couples with serious problems to other Christian counselors suitably qualified to deal with the problems involved. Please contact your State leaders for assistance with referring couples to appropriate people or agencies. (8)If you are a leader in your own church and are talking to members of your church, point out to the people you are seeing that you are doing it in the capacity of a church leader as most churches have insurance cover for this type of counseling. (9)If any incident occurs which may have legal implications with regards to responsibility you are required to record the details and immediately report the circumstances to your Upper Leadership couple, who will, in turn, keep the National Directors informed. Finally, of course, we must remember in this ministry we are serving God and can believe for His supernatural protection providing we are wise in what we do. By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read and understand these guidelines and agree to be responsible in managing risk in your home.

2. Wait to receive a trybooking link from ausbookings.


3. Send the link to your couples and have them book at least 10 days before the start of your group so the manuals can be posted to you.   

2=1 International is the combined ministries of Nova Shalom, Marriage Ministries International, and University of the Family.



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