Deepening Love Weekend

Deepening Love Weekend

The Threshold

  • explaining what God’s design is for a married couple’s intimacy and how it relates to His relationship with us.

The Lies We Have Believed

  • the lies that the enemy would have us believe about intimacy through history, the world and even the church.

The Truth We Should Believe

  • the truth that God has given us in His Word about intimacy in all its forms.

Tearing Down Strongholds

  • how to deal with spiritual strongholds in the area of intimacy and to establish a godly nature.

Deepening Love

  • learning how God made us very different from each other and how it affects us in many ways, including in our sexual intimacy.

Building and Maintaining Romance

  • how to enjoy and deepen our love for each other throughout our married lives.

How to Teach Our Children About Relationships and Intimacy

  • how to communicate with and advise our children appropriately in today’s world

A significant amount of time is set aside for couples to spend with each other and enjoy romantic and intimate time together as well as learning more about this area of their marriage.

Attendees should have attended a Married for Life course or a One For Life pre-marriage course.

Ian and Jane Watts

Team Leaders and all other states

Meng Kong and Gina Tan

Western Australia

Cedric and Christina Yeo


Michael and Alison Goode


Paul and Jo Herbig

South Australia

Daniel and Natasha Rudd


Michael and Christine Hilbert


David and Michele Knight

Public Officer/Secretary

2=1 International is the combined ministries of Nova Shalom, Marriage Ministries International, and University of the Family.



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