Parents for Life

Parents for Life….

Parenting requires no special licence and no qualifications.  Yet, there is perhaps no greater challenge than being a parent.

This course provides an opportunity for couples to learn and apply God’s principles to parenting and become purpose-based parents rather than problem-focused parents.

 Week 1:  In the Beginning

How the way you were parented affects the way you parent. Learn how to avoid the mistakes your parents may have made

Week 2:  It Takes Two

Why our child needs a mum and a dad. Why mums can’t be dads and dads can’t be mums

Week 3:  Treasuring

Each child is created uniquely. How to bring out the best in your child

Week 4:  Investing

Learn how to invest life into your child that will yield great returns in the future

Week 5:  Training

How to establish healthy boundaries and develop your child’s character

Week 6:  Discipline

How to agree on what discipline is appropriate

Week 7:  Teaching

Why we are parents for life and teachers 24/7

Week 8:  Release

How to release your child into their full potential

Week 9:  Destiny

Every child has a destiny. How do we cooperate with Gods plan for them?

How does it work?

All 2=1 Australia courses consist of a maximum of seven couples

(a coaching couple, a coaches in training couple and five participant couples).

You will meet weekly for teaching and sharing.

You are then encouraged to put the course principles into practice.

At the end of the course there is an information night that allows couples to share their
testimonies with family and friends.

Courses are also available by online video conferencing.

The registration fee is $100 per couple or $50 for couples who have done previous courses with 2=1


Ian and Jane Watts

Team Leaders and all other states

Meng Kong and Gina Tan

Western Australia

Cedric and Christina Yeo


Michael and Alison Goode


Paul and Jo Herbig

South Australia

Daniel and Natasha Rudd


Michael and Christine Hilbert


David and Michele Knight

Public Officer/Secretary

2=1 International is the combined ministries of Nova Shalom, Marriage Ministries International, and University of the Family.



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